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Dr. Višnjica Vučetić 



  • 1971 – Primary school Dragutin Domjanić, Sv. Ivan Zelina1975 – XV Mathematical Gymnasium, ZagrebBSc Physics, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Physics

  • 1981 – Field of study: Meteorology

  • 1982 – Field of study: Geophysics

  • 1991 – MSc Physics, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geophysics,  Field of study: Atmospheric Physics and Geophysics

  • 2011 – PhD, University of Zagreb, Faculty of Science, Department of Geophysics, Field of study: Geophysics


  • Meteorological and Hydrological Service of Croatia
 Work experience
  • 1982–1999 Meteorologist to Meteorological Research Centre
  • 1991–1999 Research Council of Meteorological and Hydrological Service
  • (President, 1997–1999)
  • 1999–2009 Head of the Numerical Modelling Unit, Meteorological  Research and Development Division
  • 2009–  Head of the Agrometeorological Department, Meteorological Research and Development Division
  • 1995–2001 Lecturer of the Agroclimatology for the students to the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
 Main activities
  • 1982–2010 Research and modelling of wind and wind energy in the meso and local scale in the complex terrain
  • 1989– Agrometeorological and phenological research and impact of climate change in agriculture, phenology and wildfire risk
  • 1996– Crop modeling and impact of climate change on the crop production 
 Positions in other organisations
  • 2006– Croatian representative to Commission for Agricultural Meteorology of World Meteorological Organization (CAgM WMO)
  • 2006–2010 Member of Management Committee of COST Action 734: Impact of climate change and variations in European agriculture
  • 2010– Member of CAgM WMO Expert Team on Weather and Climate Extremes and Impacts and Preparedness Strategies in Agriculture, Rangelands, Forestry, and Fisheries (ETWIPS), OPAG 3 – Climate Change/Variability and Natural Disasters in Agriculture
  • 2012– Member of Management Committee of COST ES 1106: Assessment of European agriculture water use and trade under climate change (EURO-AGRIWAT)
 Additional professional memberships
  • 1986– Croatian Meteorological Society (Secretary, 2001–2005; member of Executed Council, 2005–2007 and Vice-President, 2007–2009),1998– Croatian Meteorological Journal (Assistant Editor)
  • 1998–2001; Technical Editor, 2005–2009 and member of Editorial Board, 2009)
  • 2004– Croatian Ecological Society (Secretary, 2004–2007; member of Executed Council, 2007–2012 and member of Supervisory Board, 2012)
  • 2004– Croatian Society of Natural Sciences (member of Executed Council, 2004-2008)
  • 1995– European Coastal Association for Science and Technology – EUROCOAST of Croatia1997–2010 International Society of Biometeorology
  • 1999– European Meteorological Society
  • 2012– Croatian Agrometeorological Society (President, 2012)
  • 2012– Global Federation of Agrometeorological Society (member of Steering Committee, 2012)
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