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Zagreb, February 6, 2018

Curiosities about plane trees

In Zagreb, on public green areas, grow 8947 plane trees (Platanus x hispanica Münchh). It's a cross between North American and Asian plane. The thickest plane tree in Zagreb is at the crossing of Selska and Prilaz Barun Filipović. Its diameter is 2 m.

In the book Cvetkovie rastenija 5(1), Promišljenost Moskva, 1980. about the meaning of plane tree V. N. Gladkova said that the majestic form of plane tree adorns the parks and streets of many settlements and cities. Plane trees grow from ancient times as living monuments of human history. In the hot summer months their crowns give the desired shade and refreshment. The plane trees are several thousand years old. The ancient Greeks and Persians liked to breed them, evaluating them as beautiful trees of the East. The Romans planted them everywhere in their great kingdom. From the western Mediterranean to the north-western Himalayas, plane-trees entered the culture, and in time they trained forests in some places.

It is considered that plane trees are naturally distributed on the Balkan Peninsula, Crete and the Aegean Sea islands with some areas of Western Asia. About 8 species of platinum are encountered from Mexico to Canada. Some believe that they are also coming to the south of Azerbaijan, Armenia and Central Asia. Plane trees cover about 10 species, and hybrids are also created. It is useful to know that young shoots and leafy leaves are covered with hair. In the spring, this hair is easily blown by the wind and can cause irritation of the mucous of the eye, nose and respiratory tract. That is why there are opponents of breeding more trees in the cities. Plane trees can experience age 2000 and over. They develop a very thick trunk that can become hollow in old age. The author states that very old plane tree are known; she puts on the first place Dalmatia (probably Trsteno), and then the islands of the Aegean Sea and Turkey. Huge plane trees meet in Azerbaijan. In the hollow of trunk they made tea room, where 8 to 10 people could sit for two tables at the same time. In central Asia, in such a huge plane tree growing in the north of Shirabada, existed a Muslim school - medresa.

It is certain that plane-trees are our common good, so they need to be kept and protected forever.


Prof. Milan Glavaš

Translation: Dr. Višnjica Vučetić and Branimir Omazić



Plane trees at Konavle (left) and on Zrinjevac in Zagreb (right)


Photo: Marko Vučetić



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