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This can also be seen in our country!

During the trip through Lika (from Zagreb-Split), on September 26, 2014, a group of meteorologists has met with a rare type of cloud. The pictures are really nice and we want to share them with members of the Croatian Agrometeorological Society.

Above this part of Croatia, on September 26, there was the back side of the valley by height, with expressed jet stream from the north-east direction, which was falling up to 6-7 km altitude. There was a field of high pressure at the ground. Low and moderate northeast wind was blowing in Lika, while on the seaward side of Velebit southwest wind. The line of convergence was created approximately over the Velebit. The clouds in the picture are most likely generated due to the influence of orography on air currents, and the formation of lee wave, or maybe even the rotor under a mountain wave.

Recorded by: Vesna Đuričić

Later that day, on the way from Split to Lastovo, we could see, except the beautiful sunset, the optical phenomena of mirage. Mirror image of the Sun is the upper mirage, while the island raised above the see is seen because of the lower mirage. This optical phenomenon is due to the arrival of colder air mass over the warm layer of air directly along the sea surface.

Recorded by: Mladen Rupčić

Vesna Đuričić, dipl. ing.

Translated: Petra Sviličić, mag. phys.-geophys.


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